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"Justice is what love looks like in public." -Cornel West

Big Laurel's staff and AmeriCorps members team up with Mrs. Cindy Booth's science classes to plant, grow, study, harvest, and eat their own produce. 

With a school greenhouse and raised beds, students are able to plant and grow throughout the winter. The harvest from the garden has been shared with school teachers and staff, taken home by students, sold at farmers' markets, and even served on the school salad bar!

The project focuses on agriculture and environmental sustainability. Students learn about ecological interdependence with hands on experience!

Big Laurel community members and volunteers offer assistance with the after school program at ABLE Families in Kermit. 

Preschool - 8th grade students attend the after school program Monday-Friday 3:30 - 5:30 p.m. The after school program provides tutoring, homework help, educational enrichment, art, physical activities, games, mentor-ship, and dinner every day.  

Find out more about ABLE Families and the after school program here! 

Educational Outreach

AmeriCorps members serve in the local community and schools where they focus on subjects such as  visual art, science, language arts, and character development. 

These positive interactions encourage students to use critical and creative thinking, develop problem solving skills, and grow as life-long learners.

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