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Mission and Vision

Celebration, Stewardship, Hospitality, Outreach


Big Laurel Learning Center is a mountain community inspired by the voice of God among us. We strive to promote healing and social change by providing education, outreach, and spiritual renewal, in solidarity with the people of southern West Virginia.

A Walk Along The Ridge

A Walk Along The Ridge

Community Dinner at the Knob House


  • Celebration: With joy and gratitude, we celebrate the goodness and dignity of all creation in a sustainable community.

  • Stewardship and Reverence for the Earth: We promote responsible living with all of God’s creation and recognize the Earth as a spiritual resource.

  • Hospitality: We are called to seek out and serve one another. We welcome all on our journey to fullness of life through prayer, action, and reflection.

  • Outreach: We strive to fulfill community needs through holistic education and quality-of-life assistance. Visiting youth and adult groups are invited to take part in meaningful service that models a faith that is alive through works.

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