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Driving to Big Laurel 

Cell phone and GPS service are often unreliable in the mountains. Please use your GPS to get to one of these locations and call us if you have cell service! (304) 393-4103. Then follow directions below.

  • Kermit Truist Bank
    120 Logan St, Kermit, WV 25674

  • Stepptown Valley Health
    3 Adena Dr, Kermit, WV 25674


  • Lenore Dollar General
    384 WV-65, Williamson, WV 25661

The roads to Big Laurel can be narrow, curvy, and tricky, so we highly recommend everyone, especially first-time visitors, plan to arrive during daylight hours. Even with good directions, it is always more difficult at night.


From the Kermit BB&T bank, Big Laurel is approximately 30 minutes further. From the Stepptown Valley Health, Big Laurel is approximately 35 minutes further. These final portions of the trip are also best done during the daytime. Please plan to arrive at the meeting points at least an hour before dusk.

Marrowbone Creek Road Directions
(red route on map below)
  • If you are heading south on US-52 you will pass through Stepptown. From the green and white Stepptown sign drive about ¾ mile. You will see a train tunnel and railroad on your left. Turn left onto Marrowbone Creek Road. There is a wooden "Welcome to Marrowbone Creek" sign. If you see the Welcome to Kermit sign you’ve gone too far.

  • If you are heading north on US-52 you will pass through Kermit. Cross the train tracks and turn right onto Marrowbone Creek Road just before the train tunnel, crossing the railroad tracks again. You should see a wooden “Welcome to Marrowbone Creek” sign on your right. If you get to Stepptown, you’ve gone too far.

Welcome to Marrowbone Creek Sign, visible on your right as you turn onto Marrowbone Creek Road.
  • (1.) Cross the railroad tracks and follow Marrowbone Creek Road for 8.6 miles. 

  • (2.) Turn right onto Big Laurel Branch Road at the one lane bridge crossing the creek.

  • If requested, we can meet you here at the one lane bridge of Big laurel Branch Road. Otherwise, continue with directions.

  • Remain on newly paved road, continue straight for 1.6 miles.

  • (3.) Turn Left onto Marrowbone Ridge Road, going uphill. 

  • At the next Y (Granny Drive), stay left. Continue up for about 0.7 mile. Road turns to gravel.

  • (4.) Turn Right onto Marrowbone Ridge Rd B Rt 912. 

  • You will see Big Laurel horse pasture and property ahead and to the left.

  • (5.) Turn sharp Left into Big Laurel driveway.

Right turn onto Big Laurel Branch Road one lane bridge.

Printable directions:

Coal Road Directions
(blue route on map above)

​Caution, this road is entirely gravel and in poor condition. Not recommended for two wheel drive vehicles or first-time visitors. DO NOT attempt at night. 

  • ​(1.) Turn right off of Highway 65 South onto Big Branch Road. This turn will be past the town of Lenore and directly before the second railroad crossing. There is a sign that reads "Big Branch Mine." If you get to Naugatuck and the intersection of Highway 52, you went too far. 

  • Continue straight on Big Branch Road. At the stop sign, continue straight, passing the guard booth. If the gate is closed, tell the guard you are going to Big Laurel. 

  • You will be driving parallel with the railroad tracks and are on property of the coal processing plant. You will pass several buildings and will drive under two large conveyor belts. Keep parallel with the tracks until they end, never going over them or under them.

  • (2.) When the tracks end, take the right fork up the mountain. You will be driving up the ridge for approx. 2.4 miles, and when you get to the top, the road splits in several directions. (this section is very bumpy with large rocks, holes, and ruts.

  • (3.) At the large spray painted rocks, look for the red and white sign with Big Laurel/Web of Life/JASMER. Leave the coal company road and take the ridge road indicated by the sign. (The road is directly to the right of the rocks.)

  • From this sign, after approx. 0.5 miles, you’ll reach the Marcum Cemetery where the road splits. Take the right fork. Continue on the main road. About 0.4 mile past the Marcum Cemetery you’ll pass two small buildings on your left (Well Gap). In 1.6 miles you will pass the Hannah Cemetery to the left, surrounded by a wrought iron and chain link fence. Just past the Hannah Cemetery a road veers to the right. Do not take that ditched dirt road to the right.

  • (4.) DO follow the main gravel road that curves slightly up and to the left. You will soon see the “Welcome to Web of Life Ecology Center” sign and Ecology Drive sign to the right. To reach Big Laurel continue to the left on the main road for about 0.7 miles. Big Laurel driveway will be on the right.

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