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Notre Dame Mission Volunteers
Job Description at Big Laurel


"For it is in giving that we receive." - St. Francis of Assisi


Notre Dame Mission Volunteer (NDMV) Program, founded by the Sisters of Notre Dame de Namur in 1992, has been placing volunteers at sites nationwide to work alongside God’s people, especially the economically disadvantaged. The volunteers accomplish this mission by promoting literacy and education.


AmeriCorps is a federally-funded service program, commonly referred to as the domestic Peace Corps, that brings together citizens of diverse backgrounds to serve communities in the areas of education, public safety, human needs and the environment.

In 1995, NDMV sought a partnership with AmeriCorps to allow for an increase in the number of members, offering greater community service in financially-limited sites. This partnership formed Notre Dame Mission Volunteers-AmeriCorps (NDMVA).

Program Benefits:

  • 11 month program (August-July)

  • stipend will be $15,100 for 11 months, about $600 every two weeks.

  • medical insurance available through Cigna at no extra charge

  • Deferment of eligible student loans during the year of service

  • Upon completion of the program, members will receive a $6,495 Segal AmeriCorps Education Award that can be used to repay student loans or for future education

Members are offered at least 100 hours of training to enhance their service and to prepare them for their future. Local orientations, bi-weekly meetings, and a 3-day national training event addressing social justice issues, tools for the classroom, professional development, and members’ growth in the commitment to service.


Big Laurel offers two 11-month AmeriCorps positions, August - July. The AmeriCorps volunteers will live on-site and become a part of the greater Big Laurel community that includes former volunteers, staff, and religious sisters who live nearby. They will also offer exceptional hospitality, sharing their home with all visiting groups. 

AmeriCorps Notre Dame position at Big Laurel Learning Center will include, but is not limited to, hospitality at Big Laurel, community outreach, education, summer camps, and caring for the land.

Hospitality at Big Laurel

  • Ensures all guests are welcomed and comfortable.

  • Plans menus and cooks meals for groups of 12 to 20 people.

  • Engages in team and community building with all staff, volunteers, and visitors.

  • Uses a critical social analysis model to participate in social, historic, and environmental education programming and reflections.

Community Outreach

  • Offers community support to low-income children and families by visiting neighbors, assisting with home repairs, leading field trips, and volunteering at after school care and youth group events. 

  • Encourages healthy connections to food and the environment by teaming up with community partners to assist in school garden.


  • Supports lead teacher in daily lessons and activities.

  • Focuses on specific student needs including but not limited to literacy, comprehension, phonics, handwriting, and math.  

  • Encourages elementary and middle school students to use critical and creative thinking at Kermit PK-8 school.

Summer Camps

  • Plans and executes four week-long summer. camps focusing on ecology, team building, and character development.

  • Engages local children in the natural world around them, planting seeds for discovery and creativity.

Care of the Land

  • Uses sustainable practices to respect and care for the earth.

  • Learns to embrace simplicity of life by hauling drinking water, changing rain filters, chopping firewood, composting, and gardening.

  • Willingness to see inconveniences such as frequent power outages, poor cellphone service, dependence on rain water, and heating with firewood as deepening your connection to the natural world.  

  • Maintains the grounds and facilities, including but not limited to, raking, cleaning gutters, clearing trails, and repairing roads.

Former AmeriCorps members Grace, Jacob, and RJ with teacher Craig
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