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Outdoor Classrooms

Like all programs at the Web of Life Ecology Center, each Outdoor Classroom includes an opening and introduction around the Earth flag and a tour of the facilities. The activities cover topics in science, art, and music, and at lunch we discuss recycling and composting. Hikes and games provide recreation.

Earth Child: K-2nd Grade
We explore our connection to Earth through recycling, composting, and nutrition.

Keepers of the Earth: 3-4 Grades
We explore the sun and its energy with munchers (the food chain).

Web of Life: 5-7 Grades
We explore the interrelationships between living things as the children connect themselves to air, energy, water, and soil.

Blast Off: 8th Grade
We celebrate the rite of passage as the students move into high school with reflections on the past and hope for the future.

High School Programs
We are currently developing a high school outdoor classroom with Tug Valley High School, which will be used with their 9th grade general science classes.

Outdoor Classroom Photos
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A Head Start child introduces herself to a frog.
  Fun and games are always part of our outdoor classrooms.

Art is always an integral part of our programs.  
  Sister Jane instructs students in pottery.
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