Directions To Big Laurel/ Web of Life Ecology Center:
If traveling from North and East and you do not have a high clearance vehicle, we recommend that you take 119S to 65N to 52N through Kermit, turn right onto Marrowbone Creek after passing the Wayne Co. sign, and then follow the directions up Marrowbone Creek (as seen in North and West directions)

From North and East travel to Charleston, WV. In Charleston take I 64 west to cross the river, on bridge stay right and exit at Rt. 119 south (Oakwood Rd). Rt. 119 takes you to Rt. 65 north (this is 10 miles after you cross the Mingo County line) toward Naugatuck. A few miles past the small community of Lenore look for Big Branch Rd, a green sign on the left. Turn right on that road. You will be driving parallel with the railroad tracks and are on property of Marrowbone Development Co. You will pass several buildings and will drive under two large conveyer belts. Keep parallel with the tracks until they end, never going over them or under them. When the tracks end, take the right fork up the mountain. You will be driving up the ridge for approx. 2.4 miles, and when you get to the top, the road splits in several directions. Look for the red and white sign with Big Laurel/Web of Life/JASMER. Leave the coal company road and take the ridge road indicated by the sign. From this sign, after approx. 0.5 miles, you'll reach the Marcum Cemetery where the road splits. Take the right fork. Continue on the main road. About 0.4 mile past the Marcum Cemetery you'll pass two small buildings on your left. In 1.6 miles you will pass the Hannah Cemetery to the left, surrounded by a white wrought iron fence. Just past the Hannah Cemetery a road veers to the right. Do not take that ditched dirt road to the right. DO follow the main gravel road that curves slightly up and to the left. You will soon see the "Welcome to Web of Life Ecology Center" sign and Ecology Drive sign to the right. To reach Big Laurel continue down the main road for about 0.7 miles. Big Laurel driveway will be on the right.

From North and West travel toward Huntington, WV. via I 64. Just before you reach Huntington, off I 64 there will be an exit for state Rt. 52 south. This road travels along the river and will take you to Mingo County. Just at the Wayne County line immediately after leaving Stepptown make a left hand turn onto Marrowbone Creek Rd. (The road is unmarked until you turn onto it, but look for the Wayne County sign and the railroad tracks). After you turn left onto Marrowbone Creek Rd you will immediately cross railroad tracks. Travel up Marrowbone Creek Rd. ~ 8.5 miles until you reach Big Laurel Branch Road (a small green sign on the left). Turn right here and cross the bridge. Go up steep paved hill marked "Lula Stugell Road". Proceed ~ 1.5 miles on the paved road. When you see the green Marrowbone Ridge Rd. sign and also Sturgell Cemetery Road sign, take the steep left fork up the ridge. Drive ~ 0.7 miles on the paved/ gravel/ dirt road, and bear right when you see the green sign Marrowbone Ridge Rd. B/ Edwina Pepper Road and BLLC. You will pass Big Laurel to your left. To go to Big Laurel, make a hard left into the driveway. To go to the Web of Life Ecology Center, continue to drive about another half mile down the road (you'll pass a wooden house on the left, continue on), and look for the next driveway to the left.

From South, for a longer trip on a four lane road, you may travel to Charleston via I 77 and follow directions from Charleston. If you want to take a very reasonable four-lane to two-lane road, travel to Williamson, WV, take Rt. 52 north to Rt. 65 south and follow directions after you turn left on Big Branch Rd.

Phones: Big Laurel 304-393-4103, Web of Life (Nancy) 304-393-3586.

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